About Check my English
Welcome to Check my English. If you write English as a foreign language for your job or academic studies and could use a
little help, you have arrived at the right website. Here is some basic information you would probably like to know before trusting Check my English with your documents.

Who are we?
Check my English was established in 2000 and is based in Denmark (Danish Business Registration No. 25594487). The business is owned and operated by a British expatriate whose career has included professional business consultancy work in the UK and many years of teaching A-level English and organising Business English courses in Scandinavia.

Check my English provides an online service for business professionals, students and academics who can write basically understandable English, but who need assistance to produce a natural, idiomatically and grammatically correct result. If you can understand this text, then the chances are that your own written English is good enough to be checked by us.

Texts can be anything, ranging from e-mails, letters and brochures to reports and presentations. We can also offer online oral coaching sessions, e.g. in connection with an important presentation or speech.

Why use Check my English?
Most global EFL speakers can talk the talk – but struggle to write the text! International executives and academics can create a good impression with their daily spoken English, but may require support with a key presentation or speech. Native English speaking audiences are generally very forgiving when listening to EFL speakers, provided the stakes are low. There is generally less tolerance towards important written English texts that contain errors.

Whether it is written or spoken, a natural English and correct grammar empowers your message. This is especially important if you are competing and communicating with native English speakers.

Check my English is available for anyone who needs a little help to check their written or spoken English. The concept is simple, quick and cost effective.

The continued success of Check my English over a 20 year period is entirely based on the trust of our customers who repeatedly send us documents to be checked – any time, and from anywhere in the world.

Our aims for the future?
Check my English aims to continue building a global brand among international business executives, academics and students seeking help to improve the language quality of important English texts and documents.

Put simply, we aim to check your English quickly and effectively. Most texts are checked and returned within 48 hours.

Where can you reach us?
To send us a text for checking: newdocument@checkmyenglish.dk 

To arrange oral coaching and for general enqiries: info@checkmyenglish.dk 

Registered office:
Check my English, Oesterskovvej 49A, 6340 Krusaa, Denmark
Registered Co. No. / SE No. 25594487  

Maxwell T. Brown BSc. (Hons), ED, MA, 
Founder of Check my English

Send your text to newdocument@checkmyenglish.dk for an immediate price quote and turnaround time. Contact info@checkmyenglish.dk to reserve online oral coaching.