Pricing and payment

All new documents are priced individually, unless otherwise agreed with the client. Text-checks are invoiced individually, while approved clients may run monthly or quarterly accounts. Clients are given a price, which they may accept or reject prior to checking. New clients may be required to transfer payment prior to checking.

Invoices to EU-based clients are subject to standard EU VAT rules (Danish rate 25%).

Payment is by bank transfer or PayPal.

Prices are subject to periodic review.

Price calculation guide:

Prices are based on the number of typed characters excluding spacing.

First 1,300 typed characters / minimum charge: DKK 100.00 / EUR 13.51

Each additional block of 100 typed characters commenced: DKK 7.40 / EUR 1.0


1 page letter containing up to 1,300 characters: DKK 100.00 / EUR 13.50

2 page letter or CV / 2,500 characters: DKK 188.00 / EUR 25.51

10 page report or manuscript / 12,000 characters: DKK 891.80 / EUR 120.51

20 page report or manuscript / 25,000 characters: DKK 1,853.80 / EUR 250.51 

Larger documents may attract a discount.

As an indication, the number of typed characters on this page is 1,184.

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