Check my English is subject to the following conditions of use:

Description of Service

Check my English will produce professional standard English text based on the client’s draft text. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure they understand any alterations made to their text. Check my English is a text checking service with no influence, involvement or concern whatsoever regarding the client’s business and application of checked documents. Check my English does not offer any type of general advice or professional business management service to clients in connection with its text checking service.

Unless otherwise agreed, Check my English will endeavour to return checked documents by e-mail within 48 hours of their receipt, or to any other agreed deadline. In the event of a foreseeable delay, Check my English will endeavour to notify the client by e-mail. Any cancellation of work by the client, whether or not due to a delay by Check my English will be subject to payment for checking already carried out. In the event of cancellation by the client, partly checked texts will be returned to the client.

Check my English reserves the absolute right to refuse to check any text submitted, without the need for clarification. This may be due to the text content or other factors.

Service Guarantee

Check my English will at all times strive to produce the best quality result based on the client’s own text. For documents of less than 5,000 typed characters, any client who expresses dissatisfaction with the results of the document check will not be charged. Claims in connection with documents larger than 5,000 typed characters will be dealt with in accordance with standard contract law.

Liability and Confidentiality

Check my English does not accept any financial liability for mistakes, misinterpretations or the late return of checked documents beyond the price of the order. This includes any consequential loss experienced by the client, whether arising directly or indirectly from mistakes, misinterpretations or the late arrival of the checked document. Checked documents are used entirely at the risk of the client, and the financial liability of Check my English is at all times limited to the individual order price and no more.

Check my English will use its best endeavours to maintain the confidentiality of material sent for checking and will systematically delete checked documents from its files once the relevant invoice has been paid. Check my English does not accept any liability for direct or consequential loss due to any breaches of confidentiality, whether carried out intentionally, unintentionally, by physical or electronic means, including hacking. The consequences of any breach of confidentiality remain the risk of the client.

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